Alison Kerestes

Our Community Needs Experienced Trial Managers

As our community returns to its full pace, our local courts are struggling to keep up. Justice must never be delayed, and everyone’s voice deserves to be heard and understood in the courtroom.

That’s why, especially now, our community needs experienced trial managers to administer justice. I am prepared to step up and serve as your next judge on the Orange and Osceola bench because I care deeply that everyone in a courtroom is heard and understood, so that all sides may agree that justice is truly served.

— Alison Kerestes


Alison Kerestes is a Member of These Professional Organizations:


  • Central Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys (CFACDL)
  • Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys (FACDL)
  • Orange County Bar Association (OCBA)
  • Osceola County Bar Association (OCBA)
  • OCBA Criminal Law Committee
  • League of Women Voters
  • Tiger Bay Club of Central Florida
  • Central Florida Association for Women Lawyers (CFAWL)
  • American Constitution Society
  • Kissimmee Chamber of Commerce
  • Rotary Club of Orlando

Alison's Upbringing

The oldest of four sisters, Alison was born in Denver, Colorado. From an early age, Alison’s parents taught their daughters the value of hard work. Her mother was one of three women in a class of nearly 400 to earn a medical degree. She has since run her own family medical practice for decades. Alison’s father worked in a variety of fields as a counselor, a restaurant owner, service manager, and retired as a high school I.B. teacher.

Alison and her family moved to Florida in 1989 and have remained in Florida ever since. She attended Forest High School and graduated third in her class from St. John Lutheran School in Ocala, Florida in 1996.

Upon graduating, Alison attended the University of South Florida in Tampa where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. While earning her undergraduate degree, Alison also worked full-time at Circuit City where she started in customer service and worked her way up into management. Alison worked for the retailer for over 6 years, but she was determined to pursue her dream as a lawyer in service to others.

The Desire to Seek Truth and Justice

Alison was accepted into the Florida State University College of Law in 2003 and passed the Florida Bar Exam on her first attempt. She graduated in 2006 and her desire to seek truth and justice continued, so she accepted a position as an Assistant State Attorney in Central Florida under the former State Attorney, Lawson Lamar.

Alison worked for the people of Orange and Osceola Counties as a prosecutor for eight years. During her time at the State Attorney’s Office, Alison was personally responsible for the prosecution of many important cases. She was granted opportunities to work in specialized units handling domestic violence and sex crimes.

While in the sex crimes unit, Alison handled cases involving civil commitment of sexually violent predators in addition to more traditional criminal prosecution. All in all, Alison took over 40 individual cases to jury trial and another 20 cases to nonjury trials. This time was invaluable, as it further demonstrated to Alison the importance of working in service to her community.

A New Path Along Her Legal Journey

While serving at the Office of State Attorney, Alison met her future husband, Steve Kerestes. Steve and Alison have a son, George, who was born in 2012. The family has a dog named Holly and cats named Momo and Appa. The couple and their son are parishioners at St. James Catholic Cathedral and attend Mass weekly.

Upon leaving the State Attorney’s Office in 2014, Alison worked at two fairly large firms, one specializing in plaintiff’s foreclosure, and the other handling cases across the spectrum. At the second firm, Alison focused on foreclosure defense and helping those accused of crimes.

After her time at these large law firms, Alison decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps as an entrepreneur by starting Kerestes Law Firm in 2017, which she continues to successfully operate.

A Dependable and Reliable Lawyer

At Kerestes Law Firm, Alison has been humbled to have great success in many areas of the law. She has handled hundreds of criminal defense cases throughout Central Florida. Alison has taken several cases to trial, including two cases where her clients were accused of murder. In addition to taking privately retained cases, Alison has always continued her commitment to service in accepting select court-appointed cases throughout Central Florida. Even though these cases pay significantly below her usual fees, Alison is committed to use her knowledge to serve the community. Alison has also represented clients in family law cases, landlord/tenant disputes, foreclosure, and other general civil litigation cases.

In addition to handling her own cases, Alison has, at times, made a large part of her practice working with other law firms who desire a local attorney with knowledge of the local courts and judges. In this body of work, Alison has handled thousands of hearings in many areas of law throughout Florida. She has handled matters in foreclosure, debt collection, general civil litigation, criminal, family, landlord/tenant, and immigration. In addition to appearing as special counsel for other attorneys, Alison has also handled many depositions and mediations for other law firms in need of meaningful local co-counsel.